Mein Weg vom DVD.Master zur SVCD

I found out that capturing with the Moviestar SVCD-Template is not that good. So I have made a new template:

This template is a changed DVD(MPEG2)-template.

It has the size of a SVCD (480x576) and MPEG2 VBR 4.5.

The preview option is deactivated, because it uses to much processor-power. The capturing can stop or get out of sync.

Audio is set to 44.1 und 224 kb/s, SVCD standard.







For the capturing itself we dont use MovieStar. We use TWNH, because you can capture more.
Press "INIT" to initialize the DVC2.
Then press "Record Now" and you can point how many minutes you want to capture.
If you press "OK" than the capturing will start.

After the capturing we have a MPEG2 stream. Now we have to cut it.
For this i use Womble MPEG-VCR V3.10.

After you have cut the MPEG you have to make a VFAPIReader-AVI.
Load this AVI into CCE 2.5 and reencode it.
Then demultiplex the audio with TMPGEnc.
Multiplex the video and audio stream with bbMPEG.
Then you can burn with NERO.